Interruption Grace

I was trying to have a conversation with someone recently. They kept interrupting me, because they figured they knew exactly what I was going to say long before I said it. Unfortunately, I didn't ask for Interruption Grace when I should have. If I had, I wouldn't have argued with the person explaining that they didn't know what I was saying. I would have let it go long before the fourth and fifth times of trying to tell them what I really was trying to say.

In trying to be more gracious, it's not about proving who is right, it's about letting go of situations, even if I am in the right and becoming an example of Christ's positive effect on my life. As it turned out, I'm not sure the other person ever heard me clarify what I was trying to say. It wasn't worth the tension that existed in the conversation and it made me a poor example of my faith.

Example of a Brief Prayer

But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they. Acts 15: 11

I was with someone who was scooping up some free popcorn. They didn't ask me if I wanted any. The person told me that I should get a bag of popcorn and then took it from my hands. They wanted me to get the popcorn for them to eat later.

It's such a silly thing, but it really did irritate me. Didn't that person think about whether I wanted some or not? Couldn't they have asked me if I wanted some before they took it from my hands? I found myself getting frustrated at that person. Then, it popped into my mind that that's not what Christ wants of me. He wants me to be gracious to those who irritate me, but I was too frustrated to be gracious at that moment.

What I prayed was, "Popcorn Grace," and immediately Christ calmed me down, so that I didn't respond to the person in a less than positive manner. Although the "Popcorn Grace" prayer was very brief, I was asking Christ to please give me grace with this popcorn situation, so I would respond in a gracious manner, and He did! It amazed me that He knew and understood my brief prayer and granted me that grace, so I could be more gracious as an example of how He works in my life! I have continued to use these brief prayers which are changing my life and my response to others. If Christ can do this for me, He can most certainly do it for you, as well. Try it...what can it hurt?